Ian (loic) wrote,

Brunch and APE

This morning a few friends (archfear , earlyprose  and Kelli) came over for eggs benedict and an outing to San Francisco's Alternative Press Expo. The other night _aaronj gave me some valuable hollandaise advice that I heeded but screwed up. I made a white wine reduction (simmered 100ml vinegar, 300ml white wine, a few peppercorns, a couple of bay leaves 5 or so tarragon sprigs till it reduced by about a third) to use instead of lemon juice, and I tried doing a bain marie thing with a metal bowl in a pot of water. I don't think I cooked the egg enough at the start so it didn't want to thicken. I managed to bring it back from disaster by returning it to the heat, but it still never got to quite where I wanted it. People seemed to like it though. dearanxiety made super tasty potatoes with onions and red bell pepper.

It turns out that the Alternative Press Expo isn't a weird San Francisco fetish book fair (though there is a share of that), it's the San Francisco arm of ComicCon. Of course San Francisco has to find a totally poser way to say "Comic Convention". It was cool. There was a lot of cool stuff and we got to catch up with some of our more productive arty friends who were selling their fine printed wares.

Tags: cooking, sanfrancsico

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