Ian (loic) wrote,

Australian Of The Year

It's Australia Day. Or Invasion Day. It's when I think about what I love about Australia, but also all of the horrible things we've done in our past and how far we've got to go. On Australia day they hand out a bunch of honours to people who've made significant contributions to Australian society and one award for Australian Of The Year. I'd never heard of this year's recipient, Patrick McGorry, but it sounds like he's done a bunch of good things.

So, I'm going to pick my own personal Australian of the year. The Australian whose work has made me proudest. It's a pretty easy choice for me. My brother Colin has spent the past year working at the Yamatji Marlpa Pilbara Native Title Service. He's working with Aboriginal communities in the Pilbara to identify and protect significant sites from mining. He's living in Port Hedland, but not on a miner's salary. I know I'm biased, but I'm really proud of what he's been doing. We'd be doing better as a country with more people like him.
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