June 14th, 2010


Out of the office reply...

Hey, I've not been posting for a while. Sorry about that.

Right now I'm in Melbourne Australia. On Thursday we drive up towards Sydney. In two weeks we'll be in New Zealand. In a month we'll be in San Francisco. In two months we'll have an apartment. I'll be working, back at Rdio.

Actually, I probably should be getting some work done for them right now, only my laptop battery is fucked so I'm a little reluctant to get started on anything too significant. It literally carries zero charge so the smallest bump on the power loses everything. It's like being back with a desktop computer, only the cable on my computer isn't nearly as solid as a good old kettle plug.

I want to post more of our experiences. I'll do that when I take and make the time and when I've had a chance to upload more of our photos.